Monday, April 12, 2010

WordPlay! WriteNet Week 13

This weekend was the conclusion of the Annual Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The news from this year's event included two stories outside the obvious sports angle. First, Tiger Woods returned to golf after months of absence from the circuit because of his much-publicized marital infidelities. The winner of the tournament was Phil Mickelson, who celebrated his victory with his children and his wife, who has been battling breast cancer. As someone who has always been bored by the pace of golf, even I was intrigued by these ancillary headlines.

I am a basketball fan. I am totally in love with the sport. I watch televised games on the high school, college and professional levels for both men and women. I attend the L.A. Sparks games whenever I can and watch their games whenever they are televised. However, I recognize there are many who find sports of any description to be uninteresting. As a writer, it is not important what your passion is so long as you infuse your writing with that passionate energy so that your readers can vicariously experience it.

Writing Exercises

External Exercises
(See previous posts for detailed instructions.)

1. Observation Exercise
2. Reading Report
3. Writing Journal
4. Sensory Details Exercise

Weekly Exercises: April 12, 2010

1. Write about a parent at their child's sporting event.
2. Start with the phrase, "I can't believe that people actually enjoy..." and keep writing.
3. If you had the physical talent to pursue a career in sports, which one would you choose?
4. Do a cluster exercise on the word "sports." Instructions for cluster exercise: put the word in a circle in the middle of the page. Then add spokes to the wheel with words that pop into your mind associated with the starting word. Repeat the process for each of the new words two times. Now use one of the words from the outermost ring to start writing.

There is no wrong way to do it: just WRITE!

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