Monday, January 25, 2010

WordPlay! WriteNet Week 2

Now that some of the rust has worn off and your hands are getting used to writing non-stop for at least ten minutes at a time, it is important to continue your new routine for at least two weeks to create a good habit. Here in Los Angeles, the rain has paused for a few days and the sun came out. The contenders of Super Bowl XLIV have been determined and Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints fans are dancing in the streets. The world responded to the Haitian Earthquake with donations during the Hope for Haiti fundraising telethon. Avatar was number one at the box office for another week. And I got up this morning and thought about the stories you can tell that we all deserve to hear,


(see Week 1 for details)

Observation Exerciise
Reading Report
Writing Journal

Weekly Exercises January 25, 2010

1. "I love to ..."
2. Write about the teacher you had in elementary school who had the strongest impact on your attitudes about learning.
3. What is the first animal that you want to see when you go to the zoo?
4. If you could only keep one item of clothing from your closet, which one would you choose (be sure to describe it)?

If you want to submit your exercises as part of the WordPlay! class, send them to me at Use Assignments as the subject of your email. I will gladly read your work and return it with comments. However, feel free to simply write for your own writing skills development.

There is no wrong way to do it: just write!

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